Hello! Are you wondering what makes a painted portrait different from a photograph? Are you thinking it is the absolutely personal touch of every stroke of paint on the canvas? It starts there but it doesn't end there, it is also the silent connection over several hours that allows the artist to truly see you and put the essence of who you are onto canvas. You can learn more about this topic in my blog post: What makes Mona Lisa so Captivating?


- Investment -

Sitting for a portrait is a lot of things, but primarily it is an investment. After the paint has dried, the excitement and tension of being translated by the artist is gone and the painting is on the wall of your living room or beside your staircase, you have something that you can pass down from generation to generation. It is an heirloom and legacy of who you are that will be remembered by your sons and daughters, grandson and granddaughters and so on.

Portraits from $800

This is your memory that will endure. This is your story that will be told without a wordy explanation but a simple profound look. I am available for one on one portraits all around Australia, while I’m based in Sydney I love seeing the other sides of the country with a paintbrush by my side..

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