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the glass spirit

cast glass pointe ballet sculpture art persistence IV

Glass is a generous storyteller who can reflect the mind's innermost thoughts and experience.

Cast glass, different from blown or lampworked glass which many may be familiar with, has a more somber voice. Unlike its delicate and elegant siblings which work with an instantaneous, quick-handed craftsmanship; Cast glass is an exacting, time-consuming and labour intensive process with a very delayed gratification point. But its mysterious gravitas makes it worthwhile, the result is a beauty with a soft but profound song of its own. 

My art journey is one focused on learning from the craft and letting my philosophy be shaped by it. I hope to emerge, someday, forged by the flames of patience into a true master of the glass art.




upcoming events

Peach Blossom Spring FirstDraft Gallery

3 - 26 April

FirstDraft Gallery
13-17 Riley St, Woolloomooloo NSW

Artist Talks: Friday 26 April 6-7pm

The Chinese legend of the Peach Blossom Spring tells the story of a fisherman who discovers paradise — but when he attempts to return with his villagers, it vanishes.

This exhibition explores the search for ephemeral places in ourselves and the past.

the selfie promo plaster self portrait

11 - 26 May

The Selfie
(group exhibition curated by James Varley-Ross)

Ten Forty Seven Gallery
1047 Botany Rd, Mascot NSW

Artist Talks: Sunday 26 May 2 - 4pm

persistence glass ballet pointe sculpture with trickle of blood

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Art is a special thing to acquire. Not only is it something to make your living room more beautiful, it is a doorway to certain emotional and intellectual experiences that can spark inspiration with any visitor to your home.

I, myself, have been an avid collector of crafted objects made by friends, lining my windows. At the best of times they bring warmth into the mind and during the stormy days they bring a reminder of love and encouragement.


Feel free to browse the Gallery at your leisure. 

The Artist Journal is a blog that opens you to the art of glass making, filled with exploits of each project as well as other entertaining stories.


Most of the artworks are available for your private collection. 

Details for prints, original glassworks (dimensions, pricing, etc) will soon be up. In the meantime any inquiries are welcome, and rest assured that packing and delivery will be taken care of by capable hands specialized in fragile artworks. 

Commissions are open for glass paintings.